Project Description

The  project is one of those   one moment  inspirations  that  occurs  ounces in while    to most everybody ok  –  that we come up with the  drawings  the  owner has agreed with the design and all after that went from better to better @! Ok   the ground   plot is located  on the  Spiridonas Hills   in the region of  Rafina  N –  V  of Athens   –  with an amazing view  facing the   sea  in the foreground  –  to the down land scape  coming all together to the  view  !  the  house is composed of two identical  units ground floor  –  and first floor –  swimming  pool  with the  wonderful  terrace  facing the view  – and also  great  garden space in the rear of the house with  barbeque   –   green grass and   rodian trees   !  the  living room is so located so it could   face the land scape  from the   all of his  14 m  wide  and is just  attached to the  corps of the  bedrooms  on the opposite side of  the  entrance facing  fire place and  dining room  – on the right side  –  and the garden opening to the opposite one  !

Construction is under going   from  2017  – scheduled to come to completion on     2020