Project Description




Regarding         Development plan for  Ground Plot of  6300  m2  in Mosxato area  of  Athens   Greece  – would like  to present the terms  of the development  for an   11400  m2  Hotel  high class  – and  state of the art development   !  we are in the  South  area of Athens   close to  where the  Syngroy avenue  that is crossing the  City  from  North to South    –    is  driving  you  either way  to the harbor of Pireaus  or to  the road  going all the South to the  Sounion  Temple .  The  area  is  under intense  development plans by the Government   with the  achievement of the  Stavros Niarchos   Cultural   Center   in the near by  –  the green spot  on the  Google  drawing attached  –  and the emplacement   for the  Hotel the immediate area  !


There also  intense constructions  at this time  for  assuring free  passage  from the  highly  occupied area  of the City  to direct access  at the  se ashore immediate by  with  supervised beaches  – walking and leisured area   coffee   shops and restaurants all this a step a way from the  presumed location of the  Hotel state of art     Design !  The  ground  plot is

extremely    open space  with  distances that would allow   free composition for the  new structure  !  with its all  11 400 m2  of permitted  development on seven or eight floors  ! With easy access  from the Harbor  and main  areas of the   Athens central area      the location is ideal  for such a unit  resolving in the same time  problems of  urban design  and  architectural design   combined  !  The immediate area of the  Flitzboss   park and recreational  stores and shops it is also  influencing the  above   mentioned spot  with in regards of the new  development areas and the existing at this time  of  an immediate to the  Marina and  sea shore  recreational and educational   free open space  of social and economic benefit  !   Probably by the time we could  achieve this objective realization the area of the Sea shore  will be some of great interest  with green spaces and  Sea  sports and  lot of places to  enjoy and benefit of  !   The  space  that would be accredited   to this resort  will benefit of the  some of our office principals  of design regarding  Tourism  units that would  bring complete immediate  confirmation of the visitors  that had made a good choice for the  above Resort   ok because they will find at a glace  what ever they might  looking for  regarding orientation and  location of different objectives of interest in the  compound of such  size and comfort  unit of Housing and  Accommodation   for the  right visitors  and  stuff  !        the different influences of the  place will bring to the  Hotel Unit  –  several  outcomes regarding  services      places of interest     and general orientations  on site   ! Estimated   reframing    for  the 11 400 . 00 m2      would   represent about estimative  7400  m2  for 200 rooms   – high level  standards  and about   4000  m2   – receptions area – restaurants cafes  shops   – hair  dressings and   gym rooms  saloons  –  services area    !   The  economic plan is bringing  in place  the payment for the land for the amount of

8 500 000 .00      euro   –   plus 3 %   real estate commission   –   and other expenses  of the  hierocratic     process     like  layers and notary   –  will bring also  a plus to be evaluated   !

Real este fees  255 000 .00  euro    other   50 000  euro  lawyers   and notary       Projects and Construction permits   –   is  going to be some chapter of spending’s   evolution  estimated  a   ruffle   70 000    to   100 000    euro       to say the least  regarding permits  !                      Would estimate for  construction area    of  7400 . 00 m2  cost estimative  –  14 800 00 .00 euro  –   also  for services area would estimate cost for  12 000 000 . 00 euro  technic  !  floors All together we have    8 500 000 .00  + 100 000.00  + 14 800 000 .00  +  12 000 000 .00  + 255 000 .00  +  50 000 .00   Total        estimate   35 705 500 .00  euro     from which       8 500 000 . 00  e        land cost

Regarding  Construction  cost    it could be   also covert partially  from E U programs    repayment   recovery   –   from  50 to 70 %    of total cost  upon completion  and  progress !

We see  this new Hotel  like a new unit all energetic  standing  by it self  all functioning  system  – with  solar systems  and  water   providing   clear units  along with  parking under grounds  and  all other trash  recovery  units  like  –  kitchens   deposits refrigerators  so on !

Looking   forward   to your   Interest   for further development  and continuation to construction  and   completion !


Vichente      architect    from

Architects and Constructors in  the Nea  Smirnis  district of Athens