Project Description

The  ground plot is  located in the  area called  Up state  N Smirnis   – and is limited surface  is permitting us to build  free ground floor  –  underground  depository space   and  five  floors  of apartments  each of them about  90  m2 – and some  loft  for a condo on the next two floors    !    apartments  on first three   levels are  wonderful composed  –  on spacious  Living room  – including    kitchen and  dining room  –  large sitting place  with  large  glass  glazing  to  the  sun rise  every day!     Access   to a convenient veranda  is right from the  service area  !  and from the  fist floor one could enjoy  view  over the  area to the  down part of the city  !  and the  roofs of the  near by  neighborhood  composed with  occasional  green squares    here and there  !   giving the    place   note   of distension    and      particularity    !

Construction is schedule to  begin  September 2020   !