T he Book about Architecture , or the Book of Architecture is a intention that is thinking to take shape and form and become a reality , to bring something new at the first place and promote the Architecture as a concept that might be understood by him self or related to his different associated chapters and additional braches that by them self constitute various chapters of art and human creation through centuries of golden history and shining past , of human endeavors and achievements and struggle.

Architecture is for sure a wonderful part of human creation , activity all through it’s long history , would it have started with the paintings in the caves of Spain , or the rocks of Stone Hedge , did it start with the difference between a rock and a tool , would some time begin with a moment of contemplation , that might have brought an action that did not make much sense in the first place , but related the human activity with something , is introducing the architect to a better general integration.

Ironically , the built environment concluding to something so opposite to what the natural medium was and is ,as building of rocks probably or preparing painting colors and repeating the initial creative act , the beginning it is sure , it started with a kind of thinking that was going to promote so much , and to last so long and , create something so important that the humanity as a total would have to reflect for some time to understand and to go on .

I am not trying to review , the different    beginnings of Architectural development , there will be mentioned ,different events , just to demonstrate the different arguments along the way and to try to discover new ways and possibilities that might conclude to interesting versions or solutions .Would we exaggerate much of it if we would say that sculpture and painting are some kind of derivates of architecture and they would not find their place without a proper created space that might be the host deliberated created or arranged with this purpose ,would not we say much if would say that Architecture is the master of arts , and elaborated ,disciplines of man creativity , what we would like to say here loud and clear is that Architecture is the most wonderful think to do ,and to enjoy , and the most important also.

Not only that is , enriching our every day live, because at last , but not least , are not we all trying to , buy a house, a peace of land and to build there the main residence of our settlement , of our temporary existence on this planet . A couple of people in everyday life , are living , in a space that is more , well artistic projected , as surfaces    , volumes , and high , what do we do all day long ?, what does wait for us when we come home?  Is it arch at the entrance or a large lobby shining all over ? What would our guests say when they enter our home : ouauuu or wonderful , or who knows what else . What are our childhood memories all about , and what are or what will be our children “s memories be when they will grow up ? , will they become better citizens where ever they are if they grow up in a proper space , or will a better detail    influence , their way of seeing and understanding things that are happening around him ,what is the message of architecture in other words , and above all what are the consequences that are coming from the object of architecture as himself , and through the experiences that are created by the built space . And do not forget housing is just a limited chapter , of the building industry so to speak ?

Along the time there were many definition of what Architecture is all about , it probably started with the modern times when leaving behind the prejudices of past stylus , it went directly to the essences of the process and talking about volumes and light it is going to lead as to the now days buildings and who knows where else ? What would be an article trying to predict the new following , steps is going to take and what direction will it be : what is the main purpose ? , we do not leave in sculptures or paintings or other living art attractions even we or at least some of as would like to.