Kariatidos- DROSIA Refurbisment ​

by Studio Due, 10/10/2015

Kariatidos    –   DROSIA    REFURBISHMENT


Was   a   wonderful    project that become reality  through the  time and  construction   process  !     the program was  extremely    generous    bringing up a large  court yard  and also an existing   building ground floor  available for arrangement to   new  Café  Shop  !

We new that the main process of this program was to bring together  the  in side and the out side  of the property into something  that would have to be called unity and ensemble of  social  and  pleasant   harmony   !    we proposed  to all this  swing and summer leisure something  like   the  siting places in the water –  something like the  thermal   baths  of the ancient  times –  were we could just forget about the  hot weather and   enjoy the pool   !

The place is completely crowded and has become an emblematic   symbol  in the neighborhood  ??         it is called    TEMPO  CAFÉ    –    maybe y  want to   join   us to this  ?!


Looking forward   to your  comments or  similar   demand for      project & construction  !

The project  team                                                            Vichnete   &  Cristina     Architects

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    Kariatidos- DROSIA Refurbisment ​

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