by Studio Due, 20/10/2015

Kariatidos   Zapandis   –   Peristeri   Athens

We are  talking about  one building  that was   built and projected  in the early  years of the new century  the 21 st  –  actually it is a  extension to an existing  building to which the  owners have requested  to build a new one  in the most near by ground plot  –  we talk about a  free ground  floor  and other four floors – with each floor apartment  –  with living room on the center corner   !  the  most suitable we thought about was  round form that would embrace the street  cross  – that the  plot was all about   – from here on we knew the  loft floors of the upper ones would follow form there  on ! the   result was  –  a one building   with a  tempting perspective  – from the  in side –  through the  area –  trying to share  the presence of the   house inhabitances  to the surroundings     –  make them bring  the  joy of the others to in side of their apartment  –   to their  every day  life and living space   ?!


Looking  forward   to further building like that  – to develop and present to the owners and   just people passing by   !


Cristina    &     Vichente      –       2001   about   June

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