by Studio Due, 08/09/2015

It is a  Multi levels  Apartments Complex –  in the  upper West  side  of Athens   –  built in the  early   2004  –  years  about   the just beginning of the most modernist   times in Cotemporary Architecture  –

It   is   located  on a  high   heel   rock   of the  Kamatero    neighborhood    –   on a round that is coming in the  slide  of the  spot   in some sort of accentuated  –  way and  manner  !?

We have provided  large and spacious verandas  for all Athens Urban view  Contemplation  also harmonious   assemble   with the rest of the building  –  with  the  environment  of the area and surroundings  the  rest of the building  ensemble  of the  Cartier  that is  shining  in the  sun  with his  previous     building  experiences  !

The  Complex is  available for  perches of apartments  and  accepting applications   !!??


Looking  forward       to your comments and  interest     !

Vichente    &  Cristina

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    Kamatero  Apartments  - Housing   Project

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