Euro   Bank   was one of   the early  projects  of the  nineties  –   that  made a difference   regarding   projects quality  and Implementation  in the  urban texture  and  within regards  as of   glazing   surface and   expression of ultra modernism   –   on the  early  technologies   regarding   building with glass and transparency  !

The  site was extremely    generous   with   possible  new building implementation  –  on the side  of the   famous Singrou   Avenue   in the  mid of the most outrageous  traffic  –  passing from the  South of the City  to the more cooler North  –  passing by  the Sintagma  Square  –   living behind the  famous   Fix  Museum   previous  Bear  FACTORY  recently   transformed  to  Modern   Art  Museum  –  that was one of the first  construction sites  of Athens  –  Years and  years  a  go   !   a  bank has  some prerogatives when  delegating  a  new building  construction  –   hope from  the  bottom of our  endeavors  we did the  Best  in order to make our client Happy !

Architect   Vichente   Iovita   Jr

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